68% of Youtube videos consist of “noise”

When people watch Key Takeaways “they skip right to the interesting parts”

Four key questions

Key takeaways are short key lessons from Youtube videos. As  creator you create these helpful lessons. With key takeaways people can then skip 68% of Youtube “noise” and go straight to the most relevant information. How helpful is that.

On our platforms each Youtube video has Key Takeaways. This is a short transcript of an interesting part of this video and a button “Play rest of part“.

When people click this button they jump straight to this part of the video and play this important part.

There is so much good information on Youtube. And therefor no need to start over. That’s why 90% of our videos are created by Youtubers. All who we admire very much and support with the utmost respect.

Youtube videos are public and not downloaded or edited. So no copyright infringement

  • Youtube is cluttered and it’s  impossible to navigate in a clever and time efficient way.
  • We only allow videos that fit the main purpose of this site
  • On our sites people can properly bookmark individual videos, search within playlist or only watch the relevant parts of videos

See "Play rest of part" in action.​

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